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Guitar resources - Recursos de Guitarra
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Learning quickly with the best methods

Once the first quarter has end, I'm going to continue speaking about Accelerated Learning. This was my favourite course in MI. Thanks to a Seashore's book that teaches how to "select your field of interest" first of all, and to that wonderful teacher Chas Grasamke, who transfer you his love of music.

But everything in MI is Accelerated Learning although not in the same way (the ones of us how took this course were lucky if we deeply understand the concept).

This quarter I have already improved my reading skills and my knowdledge about the fretboard; how to write chords in the staff and understand the scores; I have improved my technique of vibrato with Ernst Homeyer; I have learnt the basic structure of blues and some tournarounds and phrases; I have understand the relationship between major and minor blues; I have learnt to learn scores in an accelerated way thanks to Guitar Workout of Dan Gilbert. All this in 3 months!! But the school doesn't works for you of course, you have to work a lot every day, if you are not a worker, you will never be a musician here. And you have to be open mind and trust in the method, and like Dan says, come with the "empty cup" for them to fill it.

But not everything for me in Hollywood is MI, although it is the source of inspiration. I have been with my good friend Paco, in a lot of events in LA, museums, matches, neighborhoods, entertainment places, and very interesting shops of books.

I have bought some Broadway musicals in DVD and some books about songwriting, performing musicals and artist's coaching. These are now my important inspiration sources to create music.

In fact, the book that is inspiring me to write this post is called: "Songwriting for Dummies" by Jim Peterik, Dave Austin and Mary Ellen Bickford. And very far from be a book for dummies, it is the experience of some of the greatest songwriters of America. They are really helping me to see the mistakes I have always done trying to write music.

The other amazing book I'm reading is called "Coaching the artist within" by Eric Maisel. No words about it, it is pure psychotherapy. That is why I'm here at 9:43am writing and songwriting, the thing I more like. I'm really becoming to be my own coach.

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