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20-03-2007, an adventure day

I have arrived to Los Ángeles at 18pm and my adventure has began. Thanks to God I have known Paco from Valencia at the aeroplane and we have the email so we keep contact. Once I have been put my foot on the floor I have found this new world for me, with the typical long streets and enormous film cars. I have take a big taxi for many people and an Angelino has been talking to me and has tell me same tricks and english conversation y something to success in this big city. The Angelino, called Ron, has given me his phone number and has began to scream to the driver I don´t know why. They have begin a hard discussion and the Angelino has said that he was going to call the police. It seems to be next to the airport but is far from the hostel. I haven't seen anyone in the streets, everybody was driving, it's incredible the amount of cars. It seems a cold city but this place is full of hippies. I have arrived to the hostel just for $15 (a taxi would be about $30 and $40).

So here I am, at the best suite of the hostel, with a big bed, a bathroom, big windows, flowers, TV, a sofa, a refrigerator, microwave and I can see the Pacific Ocean. What can I say paying just $153? Well, it was my fault because I didn't make a reservation through internet that would be $20... The bedroom is very good. I have known another Valencia's boy, called Ángel and he seems to be a good guy. Tomorrow more.

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