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Today has been a busy day. I have been in Hollywood and I have been at Musicians Institute. There is a lot of nice people. I have known people from Germany, Japan, Corea, USA... Hollywood Boulevard is incredible, I have seen all the stars of the floor.

I have been walking since 7000 to 6900 of the street, more than one hundred numbers and I have seen all kind of houses, all of them wood made, all the colours, like Warner Bros. All Hollywood is this way, like a film. And this way I'm living my new life, like a dream.

I have taken to buses from the beach to Hollywood. Here each street is like the Castellana Street of Madrid. Distances are incredible.

Tomorrow I'm going to a hotel in Sunset Boulevard, nexto to Hollywood Boulevard. I have been at a studio but I didn't like it so I'm still looking.
I need to find a room as soon as posible because at hotel and hostels the night is about $70 and $80. Here everything is more expensive than in Madrid. Today I have eaten for $8.

By the way, yesterday I could see the sunset over the ocean, with hundred of seagulls flying through the sky and doing rgrgrgraaah! There are hundred of palm trees and they are tall and with very thin trunk. Venice Beach is a very big beach and it is full of stores like the Rastro de Madrid. And people is from differnet places of the world. Everybody screams at the street, someone is singing...

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